2018 Il Chiosso 

100% Nebbiolo 

Ghemme, Italy


In collaboration with the University of Milan, Il Chiosso uses the “Lotta Integrata” approach in the vineyards, eliminating the use of insecticides in favor of natural pest management. In the winery, the use of preservatives is limited, and inert gases such as nitrogen and argon are used throughout the winemaking process in order to capture as much nuance from the Alto Piemonte terroir as possible. 

Granted its DOCG status in 1997, Ghemme is a relatively small area, about 210 acres of vineyards situated in the hills in of Piedmont, where the world famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines are produced. The wine must be aged for 36 months, of which at least 20 months must be in barrel and a minimum of nine months in bottle.

 Similar to many Italian wine regions, Ghemme’s origins stretch as far back as Roman times. The region name goes back to the days of a Celtic tribe called the Agamica, who grew vines there. 

Deep ruby red with garnet red shades. Intense notes of red fruit with a pronounced background of spice. A medium-bodied wine with excellent structure, balanced tannins and a long, complex finish. Enjoy with slow cooked beef, risotto with a rich broth reduction, semi-firm cheese and roasted or grilled chicken. Will age for the next 5-7 years.