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We love wine just as much as you do... maybe just a bit more. We work diligently to carefully select outstanding wines. We pride ourselves in seeking out the best combination of price, value and quality. Those values may come from small, boutique vineyards to well known, recognizable names. Customer service is our top priority. We get to know our customers-what your likes and dislikes are-and then make recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you are having pizza or prime rib, we will find just the right bottle to make you smile.  


At Cellar 406 Wine Shop in Downers Grove, we search high and low to find the best possible wines at all prices!  We understand there are several types and styles of wines available, each  occasion may require a different style or type of wine.  Looking for a great Tuesday night wine, or a crisp, fun white for an impromptu gathering? We have your back. We go out and find exceptional bottles of wine that are sure to please.


We strive to be your local, neighborhood wine shop.  Stop by to enjoy a glass of wine, small plates and friendly atmosphere, chat with friends and relax.  Cellar 406  is a place where you can unwind and recharge, either inside or outside, the choice is yours. Once you visit us, we hope to make you a part of our wine family.  We create a  customized experience, not merely transactions. 

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